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   I have always been a Grateful Gardener. From my earliest days working in the garden with my dad, I learned the power of what the earth can create. Together as a family, in conjunction with neighbors and even as part of a community garden we learned together. My interest turned into an enterprise in high school when I teamed up with a buddy to create my first business - a lawn mowing company. Taking successes from that brought me to Bowling Green University where I majored in environmental policy and ecological restoration.

   My innate personal curiosity teamed with my educational foundation has presented so many magnificent opportunities beyond the early days of cutting lawns, including country club groundskeeper, retail garden center owner, Scituate Conservation committee member, a certificate in permaculture, guest lecturer, educator and community garden guru.

   By getting my hands dirty I have gained a great deal: I’ve celebrated what works, I’ve been forced to problem solve, I’ve come to appreciate the many roles  (from all living things) required to create a thriving patch of earth. I also discovered what I do best—sharing what I know about the wonderful earth/soil that supports successful gardening. The soil beneath our feet is alive with possibilities. When we pay attention and nurture these possibilities, our Gardens are always Grateful.


Todd helped us get our garden started- so knowledgeable and professional.

Wonderful service- friendly and helpful. Thanks !!

— Mary McSweeney

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