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A Description of Available Lectures

KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Natural Gardening and Living Soils" is designed to inspire and educate attendees on the connections between all the microorganisms, fungi, and plants that are in the soil. Paying attention to all these aspects of soil leads to healthier, more robust plants. In this speech, I demonstrate how nature itself can lead gardeners to improve and feed their gardens in ways that nourish. Natural gardening leads attendees to want to feed their garden’s biology as a means to improve growth and development of what is grown. Through compost teas, biochar, soil inoculants and native plants you can create a garden that is not only pleasing to the eye and body but for the spirit as well.

This speech includes a slide presentation built on comparative trials I conducted at The Grateful Garden. These slides are designed to inspire attendees to understand the interactions of complex soil food webs that gardeners can use and nourish as they grow. I provide ample evidence of how successful gardeners can be when they use traditional companion planting methods supported with natural soil amendments such as compost, compost teas and potting soils of different varieties.

As a part of this presentation I include parts of my own life story in order to show that gardening can be an essential part of our lives that can allow each of us to give back to the earth while taking care of ourselves and one another. 



  • "Gardening 101" - The Basics for beginning home vegetable gardeners. Everything we can squeeze into an hour plus a thirty minute Q&A: Soil, Planting, Watering, Plant Selection, Tools, Books, Resources, Etc.

  • "Gardening 202" - Part Two in our beginner gardener series takes a step beyond the basics and focuses on making the most of your vegetable plot by introducing Square Foot Gardening, Succession planting, Companion Planting, Trellis and Staking techniques.

  • "Gardening 303" - The most rewarding feeling in gardening is the moment you stand in your garden munching a fresh picked veggie and realize wow I grew this from seed to fruit!  Introduction to Seed Starting and Indoor Gardening covers home seed starting including, Seed Selection, Seed Starting Soils, Containers, and Light requirements.

  • A guide to making your own black gold! "Compost Happens" covers the essential hows and whats of home composting as well as bins, worms, tea, trouble shooting and a few tips and tricks to make your efforts efficient and rewarding. 

  • "Family Gardening 101" - Here I will work with families to "get our hands dirty" and connect with the earth through plants, worms, living soils and stories.

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